Cheat Sheet for MoneyBag to Win $1,000

Sign up for an account with PolicyPal

To sign up for an account, you can download the app on either Apple or Android devices by searching for “PolicyPal” or click the link here.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up via 3 different ways:

  • Connecting with Google
  • Connecting with Facebook 
  • Signing up with your Email

What is P$?

P$ Credits is PolicyPal’s loyalty programme for PolicyPal’s members. When you buy insurance from the app, you can earn P$ cashback, or you can earn P$ credits by joining the daily challenges. There are different challenges you can take part in daily or weekly. You may win $1,000 cash into your bank when you reach P$1,000 credits from Rewards Marketplace in your account or redeem attractive rewards using your P$ Credits! 

For more information, check out PolicyPal’s blog post here.

How to earn P$23.50 credits for free by completing these tasks!

You can redeem free P$1 to kick start when you start the game. There are also many ways to earn additional P$, hope this will guide you through!

 TaskP$ Credits
PersonalVerify email0.1
PersonalComplete profile0.5
PersonalAdd a dependant profile0.1
PersonalScan 1st policy0.2
PersonalScan 3 policies0.5
PersonalBecome a referral1
PersonalScan a Health policy1.5
PersonalScan a Personal Accident policy1.5
PersonalScan a Life policy1.5
PersonalScan a Critical Illness policy1.5
PersonalScan an Endowment policy1.5
Advisory SessionComplete a portfolio review session10
FamilyShare a policy0.3
FamilyReceive a shared policy0.3
TransactionPurchase first policy3
TransactionPurchase 3 policies10
TransactionPurchase first policy with dependant0.5
TransactionSuccessful referral purchase10

As seen from the table above, you can easily get P$1 when you become a referral by simply creating your own unique code here or you can upload any existing Health, Personal Accident, Life, Critical Illness or Endowment policy to get P$1.50 each. (Policies can be from any insurers) Take Note: You can only get the reward once.

How to upload policies: 

How to play:

Step 1:

Redeem the complimentary P$1 credit to kickstart. Choose your saving plans wisely, there will be three plans available to choose from: 

Savings GameGame DurationInterest RateDifficulty Level
Home Downpayment3 Days2%Easy
Education Funds For Children5 Days5%Medium
Retirement Planning7 Days8%Hard

After choosing the plans, you can choose how much you want to invest ranging from P$1 – P$100 depending on your PolicyPal’s account balance.

Step 2:

‘Motivate’ Jack to increase his motivation level, please enable push notification to remind you because the returns will drop if no one ‘motivates’ your Jack over time.

Step 3: 

Refer your friends to ‘motivate’ one another because the more you refer, the higher your chance of winning the Nintendo switch worth $750!

Step 4:

Earn P$ at the end (There will be many attractive prizes for you to redeem e.g. GrabFood vouchers, surgical masks, the currently highly-coveted toilet rolls and so on)

How to refer your friends

Click on “Visit Friends” icon at the bottom right to open your friends’ list. You can share the link with your friends via social channels or directly to your friends’ contact list. 

Refer more friends to ensure that you keep your motivation level up. Win additional vouchers, Nintendo Switch and $100 free term life vouchers. 

Win $1,000 Cash 

Win $1,000 cash when you reach P$1,000 credits in your PolicyPal account! 

Redeem the voucher to claim $1,000 cash on Rewards Marketplace. All you need to do is to enter your bank account details (not bank card information), request and we will get back to you with the cash! 

When can I redeem the voucher with my P$ Credits?

Redeem the voucher to claim $1,000 cash on Rewards Marketplace. All you need to do is submit your redemption request and receive your $1,000 cash from PolicyPal.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the PolicyPal Money Bag Game to start saving today! Download the Policy Mobile App here. Share the new game with your friends and family.


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  1. Jonalie D. Bravo

    How to play this game

    1. Hi Jonalie, it’s simple!
      1. Choose a virtual savings plan
      2. Motivate Jack
      3. Invite your friends to motivate you
      4. Transfer the P$ credits to your account
      5. Redeem free $100 life insurance vouchers
      6. Win P$1,000 in your PolicyPal account
      Here’s the link to the game, hope you’ll enjoy it!

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