At PolicyPal, Customer Support Is In Our Blood

The insurance industry has plenty of age-old traditions that are hard to break. Some traditions are good, but the traditional insurance process is one which we at PolicyPal want to change.

Traditionally, insurance involves a cumbersome process as well as complex jargon, which all leaves you tearing your hair out just from filing claims. It’s a frustrating process for many that has made an industry that’s already complicated enough, even more tedious. 

Here are three strategic initiatives that PolicyPal is adopting to serve our customers better than the traditional insurance experience.

This is the fourth in a five-part series detailing our growth, our journey, and our commitment to serving the community. 

1. Digitising our way forward

COVID-19 has expedited the move towards digitization, and that’s what we’ve done to get ahead of the curve. 

We’ve digitized our entire process, seeking to make it a seamless experience for you whenever you engage with us. Our 24/7 customer support is there for everyone who can reach us anytime should they need help with queries. 

2. Incorporating software into our workflow

We’ve built an internal dashboard to give us a comprehensive overview of our users’ relevant information. This allows us to handle manual tasks such as crediting PolicyPal credits and processing customers’ policies with incredible efficiency.

As a lean team, we’re also quick to adapt and change as needed. For example, whenever our customer support team shares feedback that a certain manual process is too time-consuming, our technology team starts looking into automating that process on our dashboard.

Apart from our internal customer dashboard, we also make use of a third-party tool, Crisp, to attend to all queries while ensuring that our customer support is up to standard. 

3. Setting high service standards at PolicyPal

Back in 2017, we operated an AI chatbot but concluded that it fell short when it came to customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, real human interaction and service are key. 

At PolicyPal, our customer support team is all in-house. Everyone you talk to is part of the PolicyPal family; we do not outsource or hire an external team to handle any of your queries.

Everyone at PolicyPal is trained to do customer support, and every new joiner shadows a team member for a week to learn the ins and outs of how PolicyPal handles customer support.

By letting all staff members get a taste of servicing the customer, we hope this will give them a sense of ownership of PolicyPal as well as build the right culture that places the customer first, setting the gold standard for customer service right from the start.

We set ourselves the ambitious goal of offering a one-hour response time to all queries, around the clock, every single day of the year. 

It sounds like a lot of work, and to be fair it is, but we feel it’s worth it. 

We are always extremely gratified when customers feedback that they have enjoyed good customer service over the years. Some even request for specific team members to service them to answer their queries. 

This signals to us that we’ve managed to build genuine positive relationships with our customers and grow with them. 

And that is a win in our book any day of the week.

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