What Are PolicyPal Credits? How to Start Earning & Using Your P$

policypal credits

PolicyPal credits, also known as P$ credits, is a loyalty programme for PolicyPal’s members. To start earning PolicyPal credits, all you need to do is download the PolicyPal app and sign up as a member. Both are free!

Unlike other loyalty programmes that do not allow you to cash out your rewards points, PolicyPal members can turn their P$ credits into cash. Once you reach P$1,000 in your account, you can withdraw $1,000 cash into your bank!

policypal credits


How to start earning PolicyPal credits for free

First, you’ll need to follow this link to download the PolicyPal mobile app. Otherwise, you can either search for “PolicyPal” on the App Store on Apple or Android devices and download it from there.

Next, you need to sign up for a free account with PolicyPal account. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up by linking your Google, Facebook or email.

Sign up with the PolicyPal blog’s referral code PPBLOG to start off with P$10 credits!

After you’re all set up, you can start earning PolicyPal credits by doing the following:

  • Participate in PolicyPal challenges
  • Complete PolicyPal quizzes
  • Buy general insurance through the app
  • Refer your friends & family
  • Play the MoneyBag virtual savings game


1. Participate in PolicyPal challenges

Complete challenges to earn PolicyPal credits to offset your next purchases and redeem services on the rewards marketplace. Simply scan your existing insurance policies, signing up to be a referrer, or sharing a policy. We are happy to reward you for making good use of the PolicyPal app!


2. Brush up on your financial literacy with quizzes

Earn PolicyPal credits while enhancing your financial literacy! We roll out new quizzes on our app every week that are related to financial planning, insurance, and health & wellness. Detailed explanations are available for you to understand and be well versed with your financial planning. With every completion of a quiz, you earn credits. If you have a perfect score, you earn extra credits up to P$10. 


3. Buy general insurance through PolicyPal app

Time to renew your car insurance? Make any purchase of travel insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, or personal accident insurance through PolicyPal, and you’ll earn 5% of the premium in PolicyPal credits. (Excludes FWD plans.)


4. PolicyPal referral programme

Invite your friends to get protected and join the PolicyPal community. You earn while they save! When your friend makes an inquiry for a portfolio review, you earn P$10. When your friend makes a purchase, you earn P$10. All you need to do is to share your link, it is a win-win situation for your friend and yourself as you both get to earn. The best part about this referral is that you get to cash out your earnings.

Learn more about the PolicyPal referral programme here.


5. Play PolicyPal’s MoneyBag savings game

Just like in real life, there’s no point just earning money and keeping it under your bed in a biscuit tin. You need to invest it in order for your savings to grow. Launch our in-app game, MoneyBag, to start growing your PolicyPal credits.

policypal moneybag game

Here’s a really quick step-by-step guide to getting the most our of PolicyPal’s MoneyBag:

1. Choose a virtual savings plan
2. Motivate your character
3. Invite your friends to motivate you
4. Transfer the P$ credits to your account
5. Redeem free $100 life insurance vouchers
6. Win P$1,000 in your PolicyPal account

Want more tips? Head over here: Cheat Sheet for MoneyBag to Win $1,000


How to redeem your PolicyPal credits for $1,000 cash

You will be able to redeem the $1,000 cash with your PolicyPal P$ credits once you have accumulated a minimum of P$1,000 in your account. Here’s how to redeem P$1,000 in cash:
  1. Go to the PolicyPal app’s Rewards Marketplace
  2. Select PolicyPal $1,000 Cash Redemption
  3. Enter your bank account details (note: NOT your credit card information!)
  4. Submit request
  5. You will receive the $1,000 in your bank account within 3 to 5 working days


What else can you do with PolicyPal credits?

If you do not have enough P$ to redeem $1,000 cash, don’t worry! We have tons of enticing vouchers and rewards on the Rewards Marketplace, such as CapitaLand, NTUC FairPrice and GrabFood vouchers.

You can also choose to donate your P$ to selected charities. Learn more about our Giveback Movement here.

policypal credits rewards

Finally, you can use any remaining P$ to offset insurance premiums on your next purchase.

At the checkout page, you can select your PolicyPal credits or P$ as a payment option. The maximum cashback amount will be applied to offset the total cost of your premiums.


More free services for PolicyPal members

As a part of the PolicyPal community, you get access to exclusive benefits to enhance your financial literacy! Here are some free services that PolicyPal members are entitled to:

Try out the free PolicyPal calculator to plan for your milestones. We provide accurate data-centred analysis from the details that you have filled in. This will give you a gauge of how much converge and savings you need to ensure that you are well covered, and at the same time, be able to pay your premiums comfortably.

PolicyPal also offers a personalised advice session for all our members in the community. Our team of licensed financial advisers will be there to assist you with your needs analysis and review your portfolio.

You are not obligated to make any purchases from our financial adviser, our ultimate goal is to ensure that your premiums are affordable with sufficient coverage for yourself and your family.


Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to be logged in to participate in the PolicyPal Rewards programme.
  2. P$1 is equivalent to SGD $1.
  3. The Rewards programme is applicable to all travel, car & pet insurance except FWD.
  4. P$ credits are valid on a 1-year rolling basis. When you accumulate more cashback through the purchase of any policy, the validity of all your P$ credits will be extended by an additional 1 year from the date of purchase.
  5. P$ is not encashable or transferrable.
  6. PolicyPal reserves all rights to change the P$ amount at any point in time and to suspend or terminate any fraudulent activities and any rewards earned will be deemed as invalid.
  7. PolicyPal reserves the right at any time to amend or vary these Terms and Conditions and/or any of the instructions or explanations at its sole discretion without prior notice. Any such changes shall be binding and will take effect immediately upon such amendment, change or deletion.


Got a question for PolicyPal?

You’re always welcome to get in touch with us. Simply leave your contact details here and we’ll be right with you.

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