3 Reasons why I switched to Aviva MyShield

Like many others, I have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) to get additional coverage of bills in better wards and private hospitals. With so many insurers and changes going on in the past year, I recently did some homework and made the switch to Aviva MyShield. Here’s why;

1) Great for newlywed couples / Family Planning!

With the intention of starting a family, Aviva Shield is currently the only plan at the moment to offer free health cover for newborns. Any newborn child will enjoy free Shield cover from 15 days old all the way till 6 months. But do note that both parents must be covered under Aviva MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2 continuously for at least 10 months.

Information accurate as of 1 Dec 2017

In addition, my child will enjoy exclusive family discount rates for his/her shield plan up till the age of 20 years old and even get a free coverage of the rider (MyHealthPlus option A).

MyHealthPlus option A is a rider which will waive off the deductible payable in the event of hospitalisation. Both parents are to be covered under MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2 and covered under either MyHealthPlus Option A or Option C. Your child will also have a preferred rate if you opt for MyHealthPlus Option C.

2) Critical Illness + Preventive treatment coverage

Information accurate as of 1 Dec 2017

Aviva is the only insurer which covers preventive surgery for further cancer.

Out of all the seven insurers, only two insurers in Singapore are offering coverage for Critical illness(CI) in their Integrated Shield plans. At the moment, Aviva Shield is offering the highest critical illness coverage at $150,000 per year.

I find this to be a great coverage especially for people without a Critical illness plan yet but still would like to have some Critical Illness protection.

3) Comprehensive coverage

For example:

Under Medishield Life, my husband, Joshua who is a 29-year-old male has decided to stay in a B2 Ward. His hospital bill is $10,000, he will have to pay a $2,000 deductible with $550 co-insurance.

If Joshua purchases an Aviva Myshield Plan 1 with a MyHealthPlus rider, he would pay $192.00 (Payable by Medisave) yearly for the Aviva MyShield and $493.80 (In cash) yearly for the rider.

Information accurate as of 1 Dec 2017


With just $1.87/day, my husband would be staying in a private ward and not be required to pay anything in cash in the event that he is hospitalized.

Information accurate as of 1 Dec 2017


Aviva MyShield and the rider offer various extra coverages which are not covered by MediShield Life. he will receive up to $300 daily cash incentives for the period of his hospitalization. Aviva MyShield is also the only plan that covers planned overseas treatment and pegged the costs to Mount Elizabeth Orchard hospital.

While Aviva MyShield complements MediShield Life with additional benefits and coverage, such as the “as charged” benefit, I also feel that everyone has different needs. It takes some effort and time on all our part to understand and be more aware of what we need and what each private health plan covers.

At the end of the day, private health insurance and the riders can provide cash and help offset extra costs from the medical bills, relieving us from any unnecessary financial stress.

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Claire Toh

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  1. I was looking at your great article.

    I saw this $150k critical illness coverage by MyShield. Look good, but I’m curious how is this different from the critical illness plan that I paid for over the past few years? I bought it for the purpose of income replacement in an event that I am not able to work like if I kena stroke or what.

    Base on your article, It is good that Aviva MyShield can give $150k per year, I think it is a high time to cancel my CI plan.

    1. Hi JK,

      This 150k CI coverage for Aviva MyShield is applicable to only 5 types of Critical Illnesses, while most CI plans in the market cover more types Critical Illnesses. So if you’re looking for a more comprehensive coverage, we would not recommend cancelling your current CI plan.

      However in terms of Shield Plans, most insurers do not have this coverage yet, so Aviva MyShield still stands out among other Integrated Shield plans.

      If there’s anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out anytime.



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