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What is an International Health Insurance Plan?

An International Health Insurance Plan is an insurance policy the provides coverage for health and medical expenses. It differs from integrated shield plans and private health insurance as it has worldwide coverage (depending on the policy terms). The International Health Insurance Plan will provide the same level of coverage regardless of the country you are in. This plan is most commonly purchased by expats living abroad. 

What should you consider before getting an International Health Insurance Plan?

Maximum Annual Payout 

When considering an International Health plan, you would have to consider what is the appropriate level of coverage depending on the cost of healthcare in the country that you reside in most often. If you stay in a country with a high cost of healthcare like the United States, you may require higher coverage than if you stay in a country with a low cost of healthcare like India. The higher the annual payout you desire, the higher the premium you would have to pay. 

Hospitalisation and outpatient benefits

Much like choosing a health insurance plan, you would need to see the hospitalisation coverage that is provided by the insurer. Some plans may not provide high outpatient coverage. Therefore, if outpatient coverage is important to you, then you would have to ensure it is covered in the plan.

Overseas emergency evacuation and repatriation 

If you are often travelling for business purposes, this may be an important factor as you may need to be repatriated to your home country for urgent medical care. A medical evacuation can be very costly depending on which country you are in. Therefore, it is important that this benefit is in your International Health Plan. 

Maternity, Dental and Optical coverage 

If an International Health Plan is very comprehensive, it may cover extra “foreseen” events such as planned pregnancy. However, if your basic International Health Plan does not have this coverage, you may check with the insurer if it is an available rider to your plan. Similarly, if you would like to have Dental and Optical coverage, you can check if it is a benefit that is part of the base plan or if it is available as a rider.

Best International Health Insurance Plans

PolicyPal’s Review of Best International Health Insurance

The best mortgage insurance plan will depend on factors such as the premium price, health insurance concerns, maternity coverage, expat overseas postings duration and number of countries that the expat travels to for business. Another consideration when purchasing an International Health Insurance plan is the coverage provided by your employer. If your company does not provide extensive health coverage, you may consider what are the health insurance gaps you have and then approach a financial advisor to fill those gaps. Your premiums can also be affected based on your current health condition, if the plan you choose covers pre-existing conditions, the premiums will be significantly higher than plans that don’t. 

The International Health Insurance premium should not be the sole indicator in choosing the right plan. The premiums you pay for your International Health Insurance will vary widely based on your coverage requirements. Therefore, it is wise to request a comparative quotation table so that you can make the right choice for your needs. You may include your details in the form below and we will be happy to assist you in preparing a quotation table based on your preferences. 

We have also included individual reviews of International Health insurance Plans here: 

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