Best Motor (Car) Insurance in Singapore

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor Insurance is insurance for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and other road vehicles. Motor insurance is meant to provide financial protection against damage and injury to your person and your car. If an accident were to occur, the insurer will bear the financial cost and the third-party liability cost involved for repairs and damages. 

What do you have to consider before getting a Motor Insurance plan? 

Coverage Needed

Understanding the coverage you require is the first consideration before purchasing a motor insurance plan. Insurers often focus on different coverage benefits. Therefore, it is important to compare the coverage types and amounts amongst different insurers to best suit your needs. 

Price / Excess

This is often the most important element in considering a motor insurance policy. However, while the price of a plan may be cheaper, it may mean that the excess you have to pay is higher. 

Excess is the amount that the policyholder has to pay before the insurer covers the rest of the cost. If you would like the price of your policy to be cheaper, you can consider increasing the excess that you are willing to pay. 

No-Claim Discount (NCD)

If you have not got into an accident or requested for a claim from your insurer. The insurer may offer you a discount due to your clean record. If you are a driver that does not have any motor claims, checking to see which insurer has a good NCD policy may be useful. 

Best Affordable Motor Insurance Plans

Full insurer Motor Insurance details may be found here:

Popular Motor Insurance Plans

Full insurer Motor Insurance details may be found here:

All new motor insurance applications (except FWD) are eligible for Installment payments. However, all payments made via this option will not be eligible for PolicyPal credit rebates. 

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