Pet Insurance Guide For New Paw Parents

Pet Insurance Guide For New Paw Parents

I recently got my dog Gou Gou and he’s the cutest dog ever. My dog owner friends informed me that vet fees can be exorbitant and advised that it would be wise for me to take out insurance for Gou Gou’s sake. In all honesty, as a new pet owner, I didn’t know that pets needed insurance too, so I decided to heed their advice and do some research.


What are the types of insurance in Singapore?


From what I’ve found, there are 3 available policies in Singapore, namely: Paw Safe (AIA Insurance), Pet Care (Liberty Insurance) and Happy Tails (AON Insurance). Paw Safe only has one type of plan, whereas Happy Tails has three tiered plans for dogs and one type for cats and Pet Care offers Standard, Enhanced, Superior plans.


Pros and Cons of each type:


1. Paw Safe by AIA:


The main plus point about Paw Safe is the comparatively low cost of the policy. The plan also allows for your dog not to be micro-chipped, unlike the other two policies that both require the pet to be so. The annual premium with microchip implant is $79.49, and $84.58 for dogs that are not microchipped.


What I don’t like about this policy is that it only covers fees relating to accidents. For example, Paw Safe covers vet fees due to accident i.e. provides pay-out to cover the cremation or burial expenses incurred in the event of an accidental death. However, it does not cover any vet or surgical expenses relating to illness.

In my opinion, I think this won’t be sufficient for Gou Gou. I read that some large breeds like Gou Gou (German Shepherd) are more prone to contracting diseases. Other large breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are at greater risk of developing bone cancer, with research showing that dogs weighing more than 36 kg are 60x more likely to develop osteosarcoma than dogs weighing less than 34 kg. Specific breeds have specific susceptibilities hence it is crucial that they are insured for illnesses as well.

Another con is that PawSafe excludes many dog breeds such as mastiff, bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terrier, pit bull terrier etc. So do check if your dog breed is excluded.

2. Happy Tails by AON:


The main advantage of this policy is that it provides extensive coverage for surgically related fees, which can be expensive. For example, the policy not only provides for vet fees related to surgical treatment, but also room and board expenses following surgery. They also provide chemotherapy benefit and final expenses benefit. This is on top of giving a pay-out for accidental death and covering vet fees due to accidents.


The main downside to this policy is that you have to bear a fixed amount of $250 for any claim, as compared to Pet Care which only requires a deductible for accidental injury ($50).

Moreover, the policy requires a mandatory clinical examination  (Pet Care does not) and excludes coverage for illness relating to prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perennial hernias, testicular tumors if the pet is not spayed or neutered.

Another drawback is that Happy Tails has different co-insurance rates for different age groups. For example, it is 20% for dogs enrolled before age 4, 30% for dogs enrolled before age 7 and 40% for dogs enrolled before age 9. Pet Care on the other hand, has the same percentage for all ages i.e. 30% for surgical expenses. Gou Gou is about 8 this year, so the co-insurance for Happy Tails may be higher than Pet Care for surgical expenses.

3. Pet Care by Liberty:


What I liked about Pet Care is that it provides the widest coverage. Pet Care covers both vet fees related to surgical and non-surgical procedures. Paw Safe focuses on fees incurred due to accidents and Happy Tails focuses on surgical related fees, but PetCare offers coverage for both.

The coverage is also extensive in terms of payouts, and can go up to $10,000, depending on the plan. Click here to see the various plans.

There is also no co-insurance for liabilities and accidents.

Additionally, no medical examination is required, unlike Happy Tails, and you can use any vet, anywhere in Singapore.

If you have a young puppy, and you want to quickly take out insurance, you should consider opting for this policy as it covers pets as young as 8 weeks, as compared to 16 weeks for Happy Tails.

The other advantage is the low premium cost – covers start from less than $1 a day! Click here to see the premium rates for different plans.


Coverage does not include certain skin, hereditary and congenital conditions. It also doesn’t include some breed-specific conditions, such as hip dysplasia and persistent eczema/hot spots. However, Paw Safe and Happy Tails have similar exclusions as well.


Concluding thoughts:


Choosing which pet insurance to buy will depend on your own dog’s needs. Personally, I will be buying PetCare from Liberty because I value the wide scope in coverage such that it covers surgical and non-surgical costs. Some illnesses don’t require surgery and as a dog owner, I would feel more at ease if my insurance covers this.


A pictorial representation comparing the policies:Pet insurance comparison


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Have any tips to share? Let us know what’s your take on this!

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