4 Best Pet Insurance Plans for Dogs & Cats in Singapore (2020)

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Pet insurance just got easier with our guide for new paw parents in Singapore.

I recently got my dog Gou Gou and he’s the cutest dog ever. My dog owner friends informed me that vet fees can be exorbitant and advised that it would be wise for me to get pet insurance for Gou Gou’s sake.

In all honesty, as a new pet owner, I didn’t know that pets needed insurance too, so I decided to heed their advice and do some research.


What are the types of pet insurance in Singapore?

From what I’ve found, there are four available policies in Singapore, namely:

AIA Paw Safe insures dogs only, while Liberty PetCare, AON HappyTails and CIMB My Paw Pal all cover cats and dogs. (Unfortunately, pets other than dogs and cats are not covered!)

One thing to note: pet insurance companies only cover pets up to a certain age, and the cut-off ranges from insurer to insurer. So get your pet insurance as early as possible.

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Liberty Pet Insurance (PetCare)

Liberty PetCare is one of the most popular pet insurance plans in Singapore and you can get it via PolicyPal. Liberty pet insurance covers dogs and cats and you can choose from Standard, Enhanced and Superior plans.

Pros of Liberty pet insurance: 

    • What I liked about Liberty PetCare is that it provides the widest coverage. PetCare covers both vet fees related to surgical and non-surgical procedures. AIA Paw Safe focuses on fees incurred due to accidents and AON HappyTails focuses on surgical related fees, but Liberty PetCare offers coverage for both.

    • The coverage is also extensive in terms of payouts and can go up to $10,000, depending on the plan. 

    • There is also no co-insurance for liabilities and accidents.

    • Additionally, no medical examination is required, unlike AON HappyTails, and you can use any vet, anywhere in Singapore.

    • If you have a young puppy, and you want to quickly take out insurance, you should consider opting for this policy as it covers pets as young as 8 weeks, as compared to 16 weeks for AON HappyTails. Liberty PetCare covers your pet up to 13 years old.

    • The other advantage is the low premium cost; cover start from less than $1 a day. Head over to the PolicyPal pet insurance page to see the premium rates for different plans.

Cons of Liberty pet insurance:

    • Coverage does not include certain skin, hereditary and congenital conditions. It also doesn’t include some breed-specific conditions, such as hip dysplasia and persistent eczema/hot spots. However, AIA Paw Safe and AON HappyTails have similar exclusions as well.


AON Happy Tails Insurance

AON Happy Tails is probably the most health-focused pet insurance plan in Singapore, and it covers medical benefits for the entirety of your pet’s life. This is an all-rounded plan for pets who are genetically disposed to health problems.

Pros of AON HappyTails:

    • The main advantage of this policy is that it provides extensive coverage for surgery-related fees, which can be expensive. For example, the policy not only provides for vet fees related to surgical treatment but also room and board expenses following surgery.

    • AON HappyTails is, so far, the only pet insurance plan in Singapore with lifetime coverage for your pet. Other insurers typically cover up to age 13.
    • AON HappyTails also provides chemotherapy benefit and final expenses benefit. This is on top of giving a pay-out for accidental death and covering vet fees due to accidents.

Cons of AON HappyTails:

    • The main downside to this policy is that you have to bear a fixed amount of $250 for any claim, as compared to PetCare which only requires a deductible for accidental injury ($50).

    • Moreover, the policy requires a mandatory clinical examination (Liberty PetCare does not) and excludes coverage for illness relating to prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perennial hernias, testicular tumours if the pet is not spayed or neutered.

    • Another drawback is that AON HappyTails has different co-insurance rates for different age groups, ranging from 20% to 40% depending on what age your pet was enrolled. Liberty PetCare, on the other hand, has the same percentage for all ages i.e. 30% for surgical expenses. Gou Gou is about eight this year. As such, the co-insurance for AON HappyTails may be higher than Liberty PetCare for surgical expenses.


CIMB My Paw Pal

CIMB’s My Paw Pal is the latest player in the market. This is a customizable pet insurance plan where you start with a basic plan, and add on optional riders for pet illness coverage and/or theft.

Pros of CIMB My Paw Pal:

    • It’s customisable, so you can control your costs by adding on only riders that you are interested in. The basic My Paw Pal plan starts from $74.90 a year. To add on medical coverage, you need to pay $321, and theft insurance is another $32.10.

    • No medical examination required.

Cons of CIMB My Paw Pal:

    • Despite seeming to offer value-for-money medical coverage for pets, I feel it’s too restrictive for Gou Gou as there are a lot of exclusions. For example, medical conditions related to pre-existing conditions, congenital conditions, hereditary conditions, skin conditions, preventive healthcare, physical defect, infirmity are not covered. Illnesses caused by worms, fleas, ticks and mites are also excluded.


AIA Pet Insurance (Paw Safe)

AIA’s Paw Safe policy is a very affordable single-tier pet insurance plan. Note that it is for dogs only and it does not cover medical care. 

Pros of AIA pet insurance:

    • The main plus point about Paw Safe is the comparatively low cost. The plan also covers dogs that are not micro-chipped, unlike the other policies. The annual premium with a microchip implant is $79.49, and $84.58 for dogs not microchipped.

    • Extensive coverage for third party liability, and is an excellent choice for dogs with aggression or behavioural problems.

Cons of AIA pet insurance:

    • What I don’t like about this policy is that it only covers fees relating to accidents. For example, Paw Safe covers vet fees due to accident, i.e. provides pay-out to cover the cremation or burial expenses incurred in the event of accidental death. However, it does not cover any vet or surgical expenses relating to illness.

    • In my opinion, I think this won’t be sufficient for Gou Gou. I read that some large breeds like Gou Gou (German Shepherd) are more prone to contracting diseases. Other large breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are at greater risk of developing bone cancer. Research shows that dogs weighing more than 36 kg are 60x more likely to develop osteosarcoma than dogs weighing less than 34 kg. Specific breeds have specific susceptibilities, hence it is crucial that they are insured for illnesses as well.

    • Another con is that PawSafe excludes many dog breeds such as a mastiff, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, pit bull terrier etc. So do check if your dog breed is excluded.


Which pet insurance plan is best?

Choosing which pet insurance to buy will depend on your own dog’s needs. Personally, I value the wide scope in coverage such that it covers surgical and non-surgical costs. Some illnesses don’t require surgery and as a dog owner, I would feel more at ease if my insurance covers this.

In any case, pet insurance is important to have for any responsible pet owner. Better to get protected early rather than abandon your furry friend at the first expensive vet bill! Don’t wait to protect your furry ones.

You can now purchase pet insurance for dogs & cats and enjoy 10% discount at checkout, plus 5% rebate in PolicyPal credits.


Questions for PolicyPal?

Apart from insurance for dogs and cats, PolicyPal is an expert in all kinds of insurance for humans too! Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries you have about human or pet insurance needs, we’d only be too happy to help.

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