MRT commute essentials: Personal finance podcasts for the mornings

Personal finance podcasts for your daily 9 am to 5 pm jobs. 

Does your daily routine start with struggling to get out of bed and get ready for your 9 am to 5 pm job, catching the train and seeing the same dreary faces of your fellow commuters?

Mornings can get really boring. Save your eye power, rest up and plug into your Apple Podcast or Spotify instead! Here are 5 personal finance podcasts to inject some mental boost from the mundanity of every morning. Also, if you are a self-starter in financial planning, these podcasts are sure to guide you through your finances. 

ST Podcasts: Money Hacks

Listen to topics and talking points, reviews, and recommendations, as and when you like. Powered by The Straits Times and The Business Times, Money Hacks by ST Podcasts are great for everyday commuters to learn how to manage money through top and tricks such as housing, investing, and saving. 

Get actionable financial tips on your daily commute with the fortnightly Money Hacks series on Mondays. Learn how to start investing with forex with the featured podcast episode below!

Money FM 89.3: Money and Me

Money FM 89.3 is a local live radio station dedicated to focus on business and money-related topics. For a more specific pillar, the ‘Money and Me’ series is the most suitable for your 20-minute commute to work. Michelle Martin sits down with featured guests to teach you how to save, invest and make the best financial decisions. 

Habitualise your routine with Michelle ‘Money and Me’ between 9 am to 12 pm daily. Other Money FM 89.3 podcasts are available too!

Listen Money Matters

Personal finance is never an easy task to juggle. It really helps that these 2 guys don’t pretend to have everything figured out. Listen Money Matters convinces us that nobody is made a financial wizard overnight. Who says financial planning is a dread? Strike a good balance between informative and fun with this weekly personal finance podcast that talks about relatable finance matters such as budgeting and ways to destroy your debt.

This podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of personal finance. While American-based, the content is still applicable to those living in Singaporeans who absolutely require personal financial help in this day and age. 

Money Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast

Lean in with us on this one, ladies. Even though statistics tell us that women earn 13% less than men, beat the persistent gender bias with your handy podcast. Before you get too quick to judge this podcast for its title, female empowerment in the working world is as real as it gets. Females active to challenge the status quo will be pointed in the right financial direction with this podcast.

Mostly under 30 minutes, this is the perfect go-to for your morning commute to work. 

Podcasts are a great way to start your morning right. 

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