Serviced apartment hunting: Four tips to pick the perfect home

When you’re travelling overseas for an extended stay, choosing the right accommodation is crucial. No one wants to stay in a place they’ll hate for weeks or even months. The best mantra to adopt is choosing something that’ll feel just like home, away from home.

Here are four important considerations for choosing the perfect serviced apartment.

1. Pick a location that’s convenient for you.

Location, location, location. It’s everything when choosing the right place to stay. Go by your own personal preference – some people would love a place right by their office, or in the heart of the CBD (Central Business District) or even in the bustling shopping belt of Orchard Road. Getting an accommodation provider that can offer you different locations across the country would be ideal for making this part of the process easy.

2. Decide on what amenities you need.

Do you need a serviced apartment that comes with a fully-equipped gym or an Olympic-sized swimming pool? Or even a pet-friendly apartment so that your furry friend can be right by your side. Write down a criteria list and presenting it to the accommodation provider to get you much closer to the perfect place.

3. Sometimes, size really does matter.

If you’re travelling and staying with colleagues, you’ll each want your own room. For family members like your spouse and kids, you’ll want to consider who’s bunking up with who, or if everyone needs their own room.

4. Finally, get a bang for your buck – Quality & Price.

It’s always a challenge trying to get a good deal and a great quality apartment. You want something that doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a stranger’s couch, but not something with a price tag that starts to poke holes in your (or your company’s) wallet. What if you could find a great apartment within your budget? Or even something amazing that’s below your budget and saves your company some money? By avoiding branded serviced apartments, you can potentially save money as they usually come with a corporate mark-up.


All these great things add up to a wonderful home. But sourcing for such an amazing is going to take a lot of work. Alternatively, just let us do it for you. MetroResidences is an online serviced apartment booking platform with over 500 listings in Singapore. Every apartment on MetroResidences is carefully curated with considerable thought given to location, quality and price. Click on the link to our website, and get a quote within the same business day!

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