Meet Deborah, our Strategy Associate!

How do you contribute to the PolicyPal team?

I work with the leadership team, on strategic initiatives for the company. My role is to support the company’s growth, hence I rotate around different departments to provide support when they need additional hands. The beauty of my role is that I get to communicate with many stakeholders, from external partners to investors and all departments in the team, which gives me an overview of how the company operates.

I conduct market research and analysis on relevant topics to prepare for media interviews about PolicyPal, panel discussions and speaking events to increase brand awareness and the value that our product brings to people. As one of the early movers in the Singapore insurtech scene, we are always happy to share our insights with other founders and discuss possibilities of the industry. 

In my past two years at PolicyPal, I’ve supported various departments such as Customer Service, Marketing, Partnerships and Talent teams. This has exposed me to different functions of the company, which is a great learning opportunity as I get to try (almost) everything!

My first public speaking opportunity to students in Nanyang Polytechnic

How did you come to join us?

I was approaching my final semester in university and given my flexible schedule, I was looking for a part-time job to gain experience before stepping into the workforce. I shared this with a friend, who referred me to PolicyPal as they were looking for an Executive Assistant. 

I came for the interview, not knowing what to expect but was ready to give this opportunity a shot. Val came into the room and shared about PolicyPal’s mission and vision, what they had planned for the company, and the opportunities I will get in this role by working closely with her. After a 30 minutes chat, I was introduced to the rest of the team who were dressed in t-shirts, shorts and slippers. 

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

Definitely the people I work with! It’s a joy to work with people who have the same level of commitment, with the same goal of growing the company. We have gone through different seasons together as a team, which has helped to build our bond even stronger. 

Dinner with my colleagues to celebrate my birthday

What are you currently working on?

Over the past 4 years, our members have grown over 100,000. I am currently working on bringing in more value-added services for our members through various partnerships, such as local tourism and wellness services which are gaining popularity in this unfortunate pandemic. As PolicyPal have also expanded our product offerings, we would like to extend our support to more people to achieve their financial goals. 

Our new strategic partnership with AMTD Digital brings in exciting opportunities to extend our services and products to the ecosystem. We are scaling fast and are looking for enthusiastic talents to join us and solve the problems in financial services and insurance space.

Who do you work with the most?

I mainly work with the leadership team, but as I rotate around the different departments, I will work with the respective team leads such as Claire and Ivan to sync up on communications.

As I am currently working on bringing in more partnerships, I work with Darren and Yanjie on a daily basis to brainstorm and move the partnerships forward.

What is one thing you picked up here that helps with your personal growth?

To be open to all opportunities.

As a fresh grad, I was not sure which career path I would like to pursue yet and being in a startup gives me the opportunity to work in different departments. Over time, I start to realise the tasks that I like to work on, and the tasks I’m weak at. It gives me a better direction for what I want to achieve. 

Additionally, I’ve also attended many conferences and events with the leadership team. For instance, the launch of Google Developer Space, Money20/20 and Singapore Fintech Festival in 2019. All these events give me the chance to see how established companies and new startups come up with new innovations and products to disrupt the industry.

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