Meet Dex, our Sales and Marketing Intern!

In this “Meet the team” session, we have Dex, our Sales and Marketing Intern who has just completed his internship at PolicyPal. Dex will be sharing about more about his Internship experience amid a Pandemic. 

How did you land an internship position at PolicyPal?

My internship with PolicyPal started in the most extraordinary of circumstances. 

Originally enrolled for the NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme in Toronto, the plans came crashing down in April when borders were shut due to the COVID’19 pandemic. Beyond the disappointment, I remembered feeling worried about securing a summer internship. I was late to the game and the pandemic had disrupted the hiring plans of many companies. 

Chancing upon a hiring notice by PolicyPal, I sent in my application. I can clearly recall the excitement I felt when I received the offer letter for the role of Sales and Marketing intern.

Thus, began my 7-month long adventure with PolicyPal. Here how it went: 

A Virtual Experience

Like with many other companies, we shifted to a Work From Home arrangement during the circuit breaker period. As someone new to the company, this was not the most ideal situation. Working remotely limits the workplace experience and interaction which can help one ease in. 

However, the team at PolicyPal made it easy for me to integrate. From birthday celebrations on zoom to weekly virtual game sessions, efforts were made to build team rapport and cohesion, even when we are away from each other. 

Our respective departments also engaged in daily zoom call. This helps us to understand each other’s respective challenges and how we can help each other. My manager, Claire, also made a constant effort to check in regularly to ensure that we are coping well. All of these helped create a strong support structure, where everyone and anyone feels comfortable to reach out. 

The virtual working experience has made me more intentional in reaching out to my colleagues. The importance of staying open and communicative has never been more important. Through the experience, I learnt to better empathize with others, and appreciate the efforts of my colleagues to create a conducive and supportive work environment.

The COVID’19 pandemic has accelerated the drive towards digitalization. The Work From Home arrangement is likely to be the new normal in the future. Having the virtual working experience at PolicyPal put me in good stead to learn and adapt to the new digital environment. 

That’s being said, being back in the office isn’t too bad either!

Opportunities Abundance

Yao Yi sharing about introducing a new idea, Clan War for the MoneyBag game

The great thing about working in a startup is that there are always opportunities available. From initiating fresh ideas to leading new initiatives, the possibilities are boundless. 

Throughout my time at PolicyPal, we have regular sessions to voice our ideas. A highlight of my time here was the SandBox Session. This was when everyone in the companies came together and shared ideas on how we think we can improve PolicyPal. From ideas to establishing an online PolicyPal Academy to a new Clan War gameplay in our MoneyBag game, there were many interesting ideas. It was a great session that exposed me to fresh perspectives and new insights. Of course, having free doughnuts doesn’t hurt.

An interesting observation was how everyone had different ideas or perspectives based on their individual experiences and expertise. Indeed, the “No idea is a bad idea” rule holds true at PolicyPal.

The People

Together with Samuel and Darren at Jewel Changi Airport, on their last week of internship

“The people make the place”. 

I had the fortune of meeting some of the most dedicated and driven individuals here. The high level of standard and consistency displayed by everyone in the PolicyPal team never fails to surprise me.

From the first day at PolicyPal, I have been welcomed into a warm and supportive community. Regardless of sunshine or rain, the same level of enthusiasm greets me in the office every morning. 

Through the good times and the bad time, the team continues to approach every day with the same level of drive and passion. Motivated by the same goal of growing the company, everyone is dedicated to doing their best to achieve success.

This serves as a constant reminder of why I chose to join a start-up – to be part of a team that enacts change.


As I approach the end of my internship with PolicyPal, it has definitely been a great learning experience. If there is only one thing I can take away, it is to always treat each challenge as a learning experience. 

Even amidst the disruptions caused by the COVID’19 pandemic, I am grateful for the opportunity handed to me by PolicyPal. With the support provided by the company and the team, I was able to learn and grow to become both a better marketer and an aspiring entrepreneur.

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