4 ways to beat the jam to JB this CNY period!

4 ways to beat the jam to JB this CNY period!

Being one of Singaporeans’ favorite destinations for a quick getaway, the traffic towards Johor Bahru (JB) is very often congested. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we thought it’s a good time to share some tips on how to beat the jam!

1. Download Checkpoint.sg and Beat the Jam! apps

Checkpoint sg
Checkpoint.sg is an app which allows you to monitor the real-time traffic condition across the Causeway and Second link. With this app, you are allowed to check the traffic conditions before embarking on your journey.

Beat the Jam

Beat the Jam! is an all-in-one Causeway traffic monitoring tool that provides Google Traffic data with real-time jam estimates, checkpoint traffic images and traffic trends at the Causeway and Second Link. It even extrapolates historical data to provide traffic forecasts – so you can even get a 24-hour forecast of traffic trend, up to 6 days ahead! Use it to plan your next trip across the border!

2. Apply for MACS (Malaysian Automated Clearance System) pass

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I’ve had one unfortunate incident of taking bus 950 from Woodlands to JB, and the highway was clear throughout the bus journey, but it took me close to 1.5 hours just to clear the Malaysian customs. If you are a frequent traveller to Malaysia, I would strongly encourage you to apply for the MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) pass.

MACS JB immigrationImage Link

Previously, applicants had to visit the MACS service counters at the Causeway or Second link checkpoints. Fortunately, Singaporeans can now simply drop by the new MACS branch counter in Singapore. All ordinary Singapore passport applications will be processed for a fee of SGD$35.00, renewable annually.

If I had known about the MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) pass earlier, I would not have spent 90 minutes waiting in line just to clear the immigration queue!


3. Take train/bus

Train and bus to Johor BahruImage Link

With a mere S$5 train ride, you can travel from Woodlands to JB in comfort while avoiding the traffic congestion. Do note that you have to book the tickets in advance in order to secure a seat as many others will be trying to secure a train seat to beat the jam too! Also, taking a bus will help you to avoid the Causeway jam as buses have their designated bus lane on the Causeway. In addition to public buses, there are many private bus operators that charge a flat rate of RM2 per trip to fetch you to and fro the Causeway.

4. Go during weekday afternoon

After monitoring the traffic for the past week, the average waiting time to cross the Causeway to JB on weekend is up to 2-3 hours. Traffic starts to build up from 7 a.m. and persists on all the way till late afternoon. Hence, the optimal time to travel towards JB is a weekday afternoon, so you should perhaps take a half-day leave and run all your CNY errands!

While JB is great for an awesome day of shopping, good food and relaxation, there are still many cases of unfortunate incidents happening and it is always important to safeguard yourself against any unforeseen circumstances. This CNY, we are offering 8% discount* and 15% cashback when you purchase any travel insurance policies with PolicyPal. Use code ‘Msia8’ now and have a safe trip to Malaysia!

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*Valid for all travel insurance except eTiQa

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