How you can get extra $600 monthly cash benefits without paying?

How you can get extra $600 monthly cash benefits without paying?

You can now get extra $600 monthly Disability Cash Benefits for yourself without having to fork out a single cent! How? Read on to find out…

What is Disability Cash Benefits and why is it Important?

Do you know that 1 in 12 elderly persons in Singapore suffer from disabilities due to ageing and illness? We know that no matter what we do, age will not merciful to us. As we grow older, we get frailer and more prone to accidents and illness. As medical services advance today, we tend to live longer too. And with a longer lifespan, the higher the risk of disability.

As you might already know: it’s more expensive to get sick than to die in Singapore. The average cost set you back at a mind-bogging sum of $1600.

Fear not! There are ways to protect against the inevitability of age. With Disability Cash Benefits, it will give you a peace of mind as it offers monthly payout to cover for the various expenses.

What is ElderShield?

Many of us might not know it but when you reach 40, you will automatically be enrolled in ElderShield (For those with MediShield). ElderShield is a severe disability insurance scheme which aims to provide basic financial protection to Singaporean who need long-term care in their old age.

To qualify, the payouts of $400 per month starts when one is unable to perform at least 3 out of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The ADL included are feeding, washing, mobility, dressing, toileting and transferring.

However, some might feel that $400 per month might be too little to cover for the all expenses. There are supplements like MyCare Plan by Aviva to increase coverage provided by ElderShield. The plan starts from as little as $21.25 per month which is more affordable than the mind-bogging $1600!

 A hypothetical example of the coverage a 50-year-old male will receive in an unfortunate event when a severe disability strikes.

1For a 50-year-old male. Premium amount: $21.25/month (Life time Payment with Life Time Payout)

2With Medisave Account

So, how can you get it without forking out a single cent?

You can use your Medisave Funds of up $600 per year to pay for MyCare Disability Cash Benefits. You can use the Medisave funds for your parents and spouse too. Plan for your future, live life with a greater peace of mind!

Get covered now, simply visit this link and fill up the form to speak to a Aviva representative.

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