Critical Illness Insurance

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What is Critical Illness Insurance?
Critical illness insurance pays out a sum that is assured in the event the insured is diagnosed with a specific illness such as a heart attack or cancer during the term of the policy. The insured may receive up to 5 pay-outs once diagnosed with a critical illness listed under the policy.
Why is Critical Illness Insurance important?
A critical and major illness might change your life drastically if you are diagnosed with it. The hospitalization and medical fees will be so high that you might not even have an adequate amount of savings to pay. As such, the lump-sum-tax-free benefit will help you through these times of trouble.
What are some common examples of critical illness?
Some examples of critical illness are cancer, stroke, kidney failure, and even major burns. However, not all critical illnesses are covered by every single critical illness insurance. Thus, you will need to read through the insurance company's policy wording to know more about the coverage.
My MultiPay Critical Illness

My MultiPay Critical Illness Plan gives you the assurance that you will receive a lump sum payout to undergo treatment in the event you are diagnosed with Early or Intermediate Stage Critical Illness.

Key Benefits

Up to 5 lump sum payouts upon diagnosis of Critical Illnesses across Early, Intermediate or Severe Stages including up to 2 payouts if re-diagnosed with cancer
Gives a total benefit payout of up to 500% of the chosen Sum Assured
Have all your future premiums waived upon diagnosis of Severe Stage Critical Illness
Lump sum payout of S$5,000 (or equivalent currency) in the event of death

mEASE steps in to help you and your family to cope with income loss and treatment costs in the event a family member or yourself contracts a critical illness.

Key Benefits

Pays out sum insured in one lump sum upon the diagnosis of any 37 critical illnesses
Option to convert to regular premium whole life, endowment or investment-linked policy, providing similar cover, from Manulife without evidence of health
Covers death and critical illnesses until age 75 while also offering protection against Total and Permanent Disability until age 65
In event of death, Compassionate Death Benefit of $10,000 will be payable
Ready CompleteCare

Manulife Singapore was established in 1980, providing one-stop solutions to meet the financial needs of clients at different stages of their lives. When other plans cease its cover after you have claimed for your condition, Ready CompleteCare covers you again and again.

Key Benefits

Covers Early, Intermediate and Advanced stages of Critical Illnesses, up to 106 conditions
Restarts your coverage even after you have made a claim, up to 500%
Free child cover
Recurring Cancer Benefit pays 100% for subsequent advanced stage major cancer

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