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What is Mobility Insurance?

Mobility insurance will provide adequate protection for your safety as you travel around on a bicycle, scooter and even on a skateboard! Some policies may even provide coverages for rollerblades and roller-skates.

Why is Mobility Insurance important?

Lately there has been an island trend of people riding scooters and bicycles. With more people hopping onto the bandwagon, many are worried for their safety. With mobility insurance you will be compensated for any injuries incurred as you ride your mobility device.
(As for now, e-scooter is NOT covered under the policy that we are offering. However, we are planning to offer such policies in the near future so do keep a look out!)

What are some of the basic coverages for mobility insurance?

The basic coverage that most mobility insurance would have is for any bodily injury which has been sustained by the insurer during the period of insurance, as well as accidental deaths.

What other type of insurance are you looking for?

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