Mosquito Insurance

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Key Benefits

Affordable premium tied to your dengue cluster’s alert level
100% benefit payout for your out-of-pocket expenses.
Continual yearlong coverage even after your first claim
Protection for all ages from 1 to 99 years old

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What is Mosquito Insurance?

It provides a wide coverage against mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever as well as zika fever, and it covers for all ages. It will be a tragedy if you have been infected by a mosquito-borne disease without this insurance as most critical illness policies do not cover it.

Why is Mosquito Insurance Important?

Most of the time, many people will tend to agree that mosquito Insurance is not important. However, it will be good to purchase a mosquito insurance for pregnant women and children as their immune systems tend to be weaker than young adults. This provides them with a layer of protection against mosquito-borne diseases.

What is dengue cluster's alert level?

A dengue cluster indicates a locality with active transmission where intervention is targeted. It is created when two or more dengue cases have been discovered within 14 days and are located within 150m of each other (based on residential and workplace addresses as well as movement history). The clusters are categorised according to their status.

Alert LevelDefinition
RedHigh-risk area with 10 or more cases
YellowHigh-risk area with less than 10 cases
GreenNo new cases, under surveillance for the next 21 days

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