Personal Accident Insurance

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What is Personal Accident Insurance?
Personal accident insurance gives you the comprehensive financial protection in times of need. It includes accidental death and accidental permanent disablement cover, which will provide a monetary sum as well as hospitalisation allowance.
Why is Personal Accident Insurance important?
Accidents can happen to us unexpectedly. In the event an accident occurs, family members would be left in distraught and might be financially burdened if it comes with an enormous medical fee. It will be advisable to be equipped with protection against such odds!
What are some examples of personal accident?
There are many scenarios that could lead to a personal accident. Examples include car accidents on the road that lead to a person's death, as well as falling down from a flight of stairs which will result in a fracture.
Group PA (Personal Accident)

Group Personal Accident covers you for accidental injury and death including normal daily activities in addition to official duties.

Key Benefits

Receive 150% of your coverage amount if Total and Permanent Disability is due to an accident
Pay the same premium rate up to age 70 (ANB)
Get $250 of Accidental Hospital Recuperation Benefit
If the main Insured Person passes away, the spouse can continue to receive coverage
eProtect Safety

ePROTECT safety includes accidental death and permanent disablement cover, a lump sum bereavement grant, as well as hospitalisation allowance.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive cover at affordable premiums
Protection for 22 infectious diseases
Round-the-clock worldwide coverage
For every year where no claims have been made, your sum insured increases the next year

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