Retirement Insurance

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Key Benefits

2X Guaranteed Monthly Income for Loss of Independence during your income payout period
Flexibility to choose your Payout Period as well as Desired Retirement Age and Guaranteed Monthly Income
Waiver of premiums if Total and Permanent Disability occurs during your Premium Payment Period

You Have Questions,
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Insurance is complicated. We want you to be covered and feel secure, without paying for more than you’ll need.

What is a retirement plan?

Retirement plans provide coverage and income for your life after work. Retirement is a time when you can relax, and make it the best years of your life with your loved ones. A good retirement plan will ensure you with a peace of mind as you enjoy your golden years.

Why is retirement planning important?

Once one retires, recurring expenses like food, transportation and healthcare will still need to be taken care of. It is never too early to start thinking about your retirement plans. With longer life expectancies, rising medical bills and higher cost of treatment at an older age, your savings need to be stretched.

When is the most suitable age for me to purchase retirement insurance?

The best time to purchase a retirement insurance is when the insurance holder is certain that he/she is able to generate a steady flow of income which will allow him/her to pay the premiums regularly. This will then allow them to be financially stable and ensure a smooth sailing life after retirement.

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