Our Commitment to Fair Dealing

At PolicyPal, we recognise the need to maintain the confidence that our customers have in us to deliver quality advice and products. To this end, we commit to operate at the highest standards to bolster the integrity and trust that our customers have in our business. The interest of our customers is a pertinent priority for us and thus, we commit to achieve the following fair dealing outcomes:

  1. ensuring that fair dealing is central to our corporate culture;
  2. ensuring that our customers have the confidence to deal with us;
  3. ensuring that our products and services are suitable for our target customer audience;
  4. ensuring that customer feedback and complaints are handled in an independent, effective and prompt manner to enable PolicyPal to continuously improve its services;
  5. ensuring that we have competent and ethical representatives to provide our customers with quality advice and appropriate recommendations; and
  6. ensuring that our customers receive clear, relevant and timely information to enable them to make informed financial decisions.

We strive ceaselessly to enhance our customer experience here at PolicyPal. As such, we have taken active measures to ensure the delivery of the abovementioned fair dealing outcomes to our customers. For example, before a product is offered to our customers, we ensure that formal due diligence is conducted. This is to assess the risk-reward characteristics of the product as well as to fully understand its features so that we may properly advise our customers.

Further, our representatives are trained, certified and competent to share their knowledge with customers in a fair and balanced way, to enable them to make informed financial decisions. Our staff also undergo continuous professional development and training to maintain the highest standards of service to our customers. Clear and relevant information, material developments and updates relating to the products are given in a fair and balanced manner, so that our customers are well-informed in order to protect their own interest.

However, should our customers have any feedback or complaints, we have a robust process to resolve customer grievances independently, effectively and promptly. For any feedback, please email us at hello@policypal.com. As we are always looking to improve our service, we take feedback seriously here at PolicyPal.

Last updated: 29 January 2018

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