Personal Accident Insurance

personal accident insurance
What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident plans gives you comprehensive financial protection in times of needs. Some personal accident policy will include accidental death and accidental permanent disablement cover, a lump sum bereavement grant, as well as hospitalisation allowance.

How much is Personal Accident Insurance?

Our Personal Accident starts from $9/month for Annual plan. While Group Personal Accident Insurance can be as low as $1/month.

What does Personal Accident Insurance cover?

Personal Accident plans may cover sprains, food poisoning, medical expenses during accident, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, dengue fever, food poisoning, and the most recent global threat Zika virus.

Choose your preferred medical treatment

Some Personal Accident Insurance will give you the freedom to choose either Western Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How do I file for a claim?

Please notify Etiqa by completing the relevant claim form and providing them with relevant evidence and supporting documents that will substantiate your claim. The claims form can be found under "Claim Forms" through the website at:

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