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MSIG will compensate for death or disability if an insured person suffers an injury during the journey which, within 12 calendar months of its happening, is the only cause of the death or disability.


MSIG will pay the necessary medical, surgical, nursing or hospital charges you have to pay outside Singapore which a medical practitioner says are necessary as a result of injury or illness suffered by the insured person during the journey.


If the insured person sustains a serious medical condition while overseas, MSIG will arrange for appropriate transportation, taking the severity of the medical condition into account, to bring the insured to the nearest hospital where proper medical care is available.


If the trip is unavoidably cancelled within 30 days of the planned onset date and after purchase of insurance policy, MSIG will pay for unrecoverable charges and deposits made for the trip, which traveler has paid or has to pay.


For every full six hours that the public transport carrier is delayed after the planned departure time, the insured shall receive $100. The insured must have checked in according to original itinerary and provide written confirmation from carrier or agent stating the reasons for and length of delay.


If during the trip outside of Singapore, loss or damage to personal baggage takes place, MSIG will provide compensation. Personal baggage includes clothes (worn or carried), belongings, suitcases, small bags, one laptop, and one mobile phone.


MSIG will protect you from any haze-related flight delays, disruptions, cancellations and postponement.


MSIG will pay for prepaid or unused portion of an entertainment ticket which could not be used during the trip due to unforeseen events. The event must take place within 30 days of onset of trip and after purchase of insurance and after planning of trip.



MSIG Insurance is one of Asia’s leading general insurers, with a solid presence in Singapore for over 100 years. We are unique as a company that has drawn upon a rich blend of best practices and expertise from the consolidation of several successful mergers, and are today, a wholly owned subsidiary of MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte. Ltd. They are also a member of the MS&AD Group, one of the world’s largest general insurance groups with operations in more than 46 countries, 16 in Asia and Oceania alone. This enables us to leverage on extensive group-wide expertise, including that of MS Amlin, the second largest Lloyd’s syndicate which was acquired by the Group in 2015 to underwrite special risks.

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