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TM Xplora allows you to travel and be protected from emergencies and travel inconveniences. It is one of the only insurance plan to offer coverage for Pets, reimbursing you for the cost incurred in extending pet boarding service.
Summary only. Read the Policy Brochure for full coverages.



If an injury sustained during the trip results in permanent disablement or death within 90 days from the date of the accident, Tokio Marine shall pay you or your legal representative the benefits as specified.


Tokio Marine will reimburse you up to the limit of your insured plan, the Medical Expenses as defined, reasonably and necessarily incurred whilst overseas as a direct, sole and independent result of Injury or Sickness suffered by you.


Whilst overseas, if you should sustain an injury or illness, Allianz Global Assistance shall decide if it is suitable to move you to another location or to Singapore for medical treatment, and they shall arrange the evacuation, taking your condition into account.


If the trip is necessarily cancelled within 60 days of the onset of the trip, Tokio Marine shall reimburse you up to the limit specified in your plan for expenses paid in advance by you which cannot be recovered.


In the event of a delay of at least 6 consecutive hours in departure of public transport, you will receive $100 for each full 6 hours of delay up to the specified limit. The delay must result from extraordinary events as specified.


Tokio Marine will pay for loss or damage sustained overseas to your Personal Baggage and Effects which is stolen, lost or damaged during the period between the date of departure and the date of return to Singapore. The maximum amount covered for laptop is $1,000.


Tokio Marine will reimburse you up to specified limit for loss or damage to golf equipment belonging to you occurring in a public place. If equipment is beyond economical repair, it will be treated as lost.


Tokio Marine will indemnify You for any excess or deductible which You become legally liable to pay in respect of loss or damage to rental vehicle caused by an Accident during the rental period while overseas subject to the following conditions.


If loss or damage due to fire occurs to your household contents within your residence in Singapore, which was left vacant because of the trip, Tokio Marine will provide compensation.


TM Xplora

Established in the year 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan, Tokio Marine has grown over the decades, now offering an extensive selection of General and Life insurance products and solutions. With a presence in 38 countries and expanding, Tokio Marine ranks as one of the world's most globally diversified and financially secure insurance groups.

Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. has a leading presence in Singapore's general insurance industry. We are a S&P "A+" rated company. By providing a varied array of general insurance plans, we are able to adapt to a wide ranging needs of clientele, consisting of both individuals and corporations.

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