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PolicyPal was founded to rebuild the user experience in insurance matters. We do so by taking a smarter approach to uncovering your coverage gaps and managing your policies.

Insurance and customer service: Common problems faced

Traditionally, customer support has been riddled with many problems. For example, you might have experienced being stuck in long call centre queues, asked to go to another department, or have waited a long time to get your problem solved simply because the various departments tend to work in silos. Thankfully, at PolicyPal, you will face no such issues.

What we did

Personalised service

Back in 2017, we tested “AI” chatbots and realised that customers preferred to speak with a person. Digitising is important, but the human touch is still key to customer service.


Dear Claire, Thank you so much. I am really appreciative and grateful for Val and your dedicated support in going the extra mile to assist me after working hours. Please send my regards to Val. Have a blessed weekend ahead.


24/7 support

We’ve also structured the team to offer 24/7 customer support by having the team work in shifts. We wanted our customers to be able to reach us anytime they needed help, and to get the help they needed quickly. So we’ve set ourselves the ambition to offer a 1 hour response time, around the clock, every single day of the year. The team at PolicyPal gets involved in customer support, so everyone knows how to do it well and understands what customers are looking for. Throughout the entire company, there is genuine care for our customers.

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