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3 ways to give your child a head start in life

3 ways to give your child a head start in life

As a mum-to-be, I am thinking ahead of my child’s future in Singapore. Call it kiasu-ism, but as I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (again), the question of whether success is exclusively a matter of individual merit, made me dwell deeper into hidden advantages and opportunities that […]

Are you taking your health seriously?

Are you taking your health seriously?

In Singapore, 1 in 3 of us have been diagnosed with cancer over the past 4 years. On average, approximately 37 Singaporean are diagnosed with cancer every day. There are over 64,000 cases of cancer occurrences from 2011 to 2015.  The risk increases if you have […]

How you can get extra $600 monthly cash benefits without paying?

How you can get extra $600 monthly cash benefits without paying?

You can now get extra $600 monthly Disability Cash Benefits for yourself without having to fork out a single cent! How? Read on to find out…

What is Disability Cash Benefits and why is it Important?

Do you know that 1 in 12 elderly persons in Singapore suffer from disabilities due to ageing and illness? We know that no matter what we do, age will not merciful to us. As we grow older, we get frailer and more prone to accidents and illness. As medical services advance today, we tend to live longer too. And with a longer lifespan, the higher the risk of disability.

As you might already know: it’s more expensive to get sick than to die in Singapore. The average cost set you back at a mind-bogging sum of $1600.

Fear not! There are ways to protect against the inevitability of age. With Disability Cash Benefits, it will give you a peace of mind as it offers monthly payout to cover for the various expenses.

What is ElderShield?

Many of us might not know it but when you reach 40, you will automatically be enrolled in ElderShield (For those with MediShield). ElderShield is a severe disability insurance scheme which aims to provide basic financial protection to Singaporean who need long-term care in their old age.

To qualify, the payouts of $400 per month starts when one is unable to perform at least 3 out of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The ADL included are feeding, washing, mobility, dressing, toileting and transferring.


However, some might feel that $400 per month might be too little to cover for the all expenses. There are supplements like MyCare Plan by Aviva to increase coverage provided by ElderShield. The plan starts from as little as $21.25 per month which is more affordable than the mind-bogging $1600!

 A hypothetical example of the coverage a 50-year-old male will receive in an unfortunate event when a severe disability strikes.


1For a 50-year-old male. Premium amount: $21.25/month (Life time Payment with Life Time Payout)

2With Medisave Account

So, how can you get it without forking out a single cent?

You can use your Medisave Funds of up $600 per year to pay for MyCare Disability Cash Benefits. You can use the Medisave funds for your parents and spouse too. Plan for your future, live life with a greater peace of mind!

Get covered now, simply visit this link and fill up the form to speak to a Aviva representative.

NS50 Special: How you can get an Early Critical Illness coverage at the cheapest price?

NS50 Special: How you can get an Early Critical Illness coverage at the cheapest price?

Early critical illness like cancer or a heart disease is not something many of us might not even imagine being diagnosed with. However, we are bound to come across people around us or even relative members who had experienced this. We have to face the fact […]

A Gold Award With A Golden Experience

A Gold Award With A Golden Experience

Travelling alone has always been on my bucket list and little did I know that I would have a golden opportunity to do so during my stint in PolicyPal. Though I did not have much prior experiences in pitching or competitions, I jumped on the opportunity […]

5 Coffee Making Tools You Need To Become The Home Barista You’ve Always Wanted To Be

5 Coffee Making Tools You Need To Become The Home Barista You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Home sweet home. Office suite office. (See what we did there? *grins*) Well, to that we say ‘Coffee, glorious, coffee!’ Who doesn’t love coffee? We drink it everywhere – home, office or even home-offices for those of us lucky enough to work in one. Coffee does more than just its one job of getting us through an arduously long work day. It’s aromatic. It’s frothy. It’s nutty. There are just more dimensions to describe the taste of a regular cup of joe than to downplay it, by simply calling it hot, black, sweet, expensive, or bitter.


With rising affluence, the current generation of yuppies and millenials have increasingly become more drawn to drinking handcrafted coffees as compared to previous generations of Gen X and Baby Boomers. This trend has also been identified by news outlets, indicating a surging interest in coffee. A record attendance of 20, 000 visitors turned up for the inaugural Singapore Coffee Festival in 2016, and prior to that, The Straits Times reported that more coffee lovers are enjoying artisanal brews in the comfort of their own homes by purchasing home barista equipment to hone their amateur coffee-making skills. There was also another report on the emergence of start-ups and companies that offer monthly coffee subscription services where a variety of coffee products, ranging from packets of specialty coffee beans to drip coffee pouches, are delivered to coffee lovers and connoisseurs alike at regular intervals, enabling them to brew their own cuppa at home.

How do we achieve the perfect brew of cuppa at home each time?

Try as we might, the fact remains that making espresso in a home environment is nowhere close to one made in a commercial coffee house. Even the most seasoned and serious home baristas may find it an uphill task to replicate espresso of café-standard. The truth is, the water filtration systems in a home setting and those in a commercial environment are vastly different. And for the most part, home environments are not able to totally simulate or recreate a full café set-up due to space constraints. It also hardly makes sense to alter the pH level of your entire water supply at home just to cater for a top-notch coffee machine that will also set you back by at least a five-figure sum.

However, there’s no stopping you from setting up your own home barista space. If you do a little research, you can acquire the required tools and coffee-brewing equipment to set up your dedicated coffee corner  – at a fraction of the price of a commercial coffee machine akin to those used in cafés outside. With knowledge and lots of practice, you will soon be on your way to brewing cups of goodness right at home.

Disclaimer: Don’t come at us if you end up nursing a coffee addiction after reading this listicle. We bear no responsibility for that.

Learn the steps of making coffee and know your equipment

Can’t differentiate your moka pot to your teflon jug? We’re here to help!

Step 1: Roasting | Equipment: Roasting machine

We don’t think regular HDB dwellings would have the space to contain a hugeass roaster at home for the sake of roasting coffee beans till they transform from green coffee beans to the aromatic brown beans that we see in stores and cafes. So, feel free to bypass this step! We recommend you take a look at the various coffee beans subscription delivery services or consider buying your beans from your favourite cafes or reputable coffee beans providers.

Step 2: Grind coffee beans | Equipment: Coffee grinder

You need to know what’s a coffee grinder. Its name is self-explanatory, so there you have it. It’s a piece of equipment used for the purpose of grinding your coffee beans into grounds. Before you grind the coffee beans, you will need to decide on your brewing method as how coarse or fine your coffee grounds are depends on the choice of your brewing method.

Step 3: Start Making your Coffee

There are several ways to brew your coffee depending on your selection of equipment.

#1: Drip Coffee Pot



#2: Moka pot

A moka pot, also known as a macchinetta (literally meaning ‘small machine’ in Italian), is a stove-top or electric coffee maker. It is capable of producing a rich, strong espresso-style coffee that is ready in just 10 minutes. How efficient! Good for rush hour mornings when we are in dire need of a caffeine fix before we scramble off to the work place.

#3: French press

As evident by its construction, a French press involves a lot of well, pressing, or plunging. It works best with coffee of a coarser grind due to its higher permeability, hence requiring lesser amount of force to lower the plunger. The coarser coffee grounds are less likely to seep through or around the perimeter of the press filter and into the coffee, thus resulting in a higher quality coffee.

Other benefits of owning a French press:
1) Option to make cold brew coffee
2) French press is portable, and self-contained.

Step 4: Steam milk | Tool used: 
Teflon jug

Other Tools You Might Want To Own To Up Your Game

  • Thermometer: We recommend choosing a waterproof digital thermometer that is durable. This is needed for you to double-check the water temperature, ensuring precision.
  • Kitchen weighing scale/Measuring cup: Measuring exact amounts of coffee grounds per cup is quintessential to getting the perfect brew. This also saves you money in the long run as you will not let any coffee grounds go to waste due to excess. And this will help guarantee repeatable results of quality cuppas as you have the exact measurements of the amounts of coffee beans, water used.

Nothing beats an uplifting cuppa that warms our heart and soul. Now that you know the various coffee brewing techniques and the tools of the trade, it’s time you start brewing your way to the top. has curated a selection of home barista equipment or machine bundle set to help you attain your dream of becoming the home barista you’ve always wanted to be.

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5 Travel Hacks You Didn’t Know

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Buy your travel insurance through PolicyPal to enjoy up to 56%! Plus, PolicyPal is giving away Grab credits too! For every $50 spent, you can redeem $10 worth of Grab credits (Your purchases can be combined with others) *Promotion ends on 31st July 2017*

Local internship, International experience

Local internship, International experience

During my summer internship at PolicyPal, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of travelling to Paris to speak at VivaTech 2017, a french-based technology conference.

I was surprised when I was given the opportunity to attend VivaTech 2017, a technology conference in Paris, France. I did not expect to travel for work during my three month summer internship, let alone speaking in front of a large crowd in France.

Fortunately, being a communications undergraduate meant that I had at least some public speaking experience. I was raring to go and I felt confident in taking on the assignment.

In six days, I broadened my horizon in many different ways. I’ll try to summarise my experiences in this article. ?


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