Best Baby-Friendly Travel Destinations For Family Getaways in 2024

baby-friendly holiday with family

Here are a few baby-friendly travel destinations for your next holiday, as well as tips for preparing everything for your kids to have a comfy journey.

The start of parenthood opens up a new world of adventures and dreams to create wonderful memories with your newest family addition. If you’re excited to spark a love for travel in your little ones right from the start, we’ve put together the perfect list of baby-friendly travel spots for your family trip this year.

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Adventures Down Under: Australia

From the vibrant city parks of Sydney to the immense Great Barrier Reef, Australia blends urban exploration with natural wonders, making it an ideal location for families. With abundant child-friendly attractions and accessible facilities, it’s a stress-free destination for those first-time travel experiences.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Australia

Here are three top destinations for families to check out in Australia and why they’re worth your while:

  1. Sydney: Sydney boasts iconic landmarks like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, blending urban and natural attractions. Dive into vibrant culture, ferry rides, and family-friendly spots like Taronga Zoo and SEA LIFE Aquarium.
  2. Gold Coast, Queensland: The Gold Coast, famous for stunning beaches and top theme parks, is a family paradise with activities for all ages. Surfing for parents and wildlife sanctuaries for kids – fun for everyone!
  3. Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef offers families a chance to explore a diverse ecosystem. Kids enjoy snorkelling and glass-bottom boat tours, discovering colourful marine life, while parents appreciate its natural beauty and UNESCO World Heritage status.

Island Serenity in Indonesia

Indonesia is renowned for its welcoming culture and serene landscapes. Catering to families, many resorts offer amenities such as on-site nanny services, kid-friendly pools, and culturally immersive experiences that make for a relaxing and enlightening escape.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Indonesia

These three spots are worth your while when you’re travelling with your brood in Indonesia. Read on to find out why:

  1. Bali: Bali perfectly combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and family-friendly activities. Explore Hindu temples, water parks, Tanah Lot, and vibrant Indonesian culture or just take a lazy day off with your baby in tow.
  2. Tanjung Puting National Park: This national park is home to diverse wildlife, including the iconic orangutans. Families can embark on river cruises, witness the fascinating wildlife, and educate children about the importance of conservation and natural habitats.
  3. Komodo National Park: Home to the famous Komodo dragons, this park lets families see these unique creatures in their natural habitat. It also features snorkelling, stunning beaches, and a chance to discover diverse marine life.

A Blend of Old and New in Taiwan

Experience the juxtaposition of ancient tradition and modern innovation in Taiwan. Taipei, the capital city, is known for its accessible public transportation and a plethora of child-friendly museums like the Children’s Amusement Park, while the rest of the island boasts lush landscapes perfect for family picnics and strolls.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Taiwan

Discover three family-friendly destinations in Taiwan and explore why they are perfect for families:

  1. Taipei 101: Taipei 101, an iconic landmark in Taiwan, is a must-see for families. The observatory offers panoramic city views, giving children a unique perspective. The building features family-friendly attractions, creating an enriching experience for all ages.
  2. Taroko Gorge: Taroko Gorge, famed for its natural beauty, invites families to explore stunning landscapes, hike scenic trails, and witness awe-inspiring rock formations. It’s a great outdoor adventure for families to appreciate Taiwan’s diverse natural environment.
  3. Leofoo Village Theme Park: This theme park has water rides, a safari, and amusement park attractions for all ages. Families can have a fun day with diverse entertainment at Leofoo Village Theme Park, perfect for bonding and excitement.

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baby-friendly holiday in spain
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Sun-Soaked Fun in Spain

Spain’s warm climate, beautiful beaches, and slow-paced lifestyle make it perfect for a family getaway. Cities like Barcelona and Madrid offer interactive museums and parks where little ones can roam freely, and the Spanish tradition of siesta is congruent with a baby’s need for frequent naps.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Spain

Discover three family-friendly destinations in Spain, featuring Barcelona and Madrid, each with unique attractions.

  1. Barcelona: Barcelona offers a wide range of family-friendly activities. Families can visit iconic attractions such as Park Güell, where kids can enjoy the colorful mosaics and unique architecture by Antoni Gaudí. The city also boasts beautiful beaches, like Barceloneta Beach, providing opportunities for fun in the sun and water-based activities suitable for babies.
  2. Madrid: Madrid, Spain’s capital, is a historical and cultural hub with plenty of family-friendly attractions. Families can enjoy Retiro Park, offering boat rides and playgrounds for kids. Other highlights include Madrid Zoo Aquarium and Warner Bros. Park for exciting experiences for all ages.
  3. Valencia: Valencia, Spain, known for its family-friendly vibe, offers a mix of culture and fun for families. Explore the City of Arts and Sciences with science museums, an aquarium, and a planetarium. Enjoy parks, gardens, and the immersive Bioparc Valencia Zoo.

Soak Up Japan’s Zen

Japan may not be the first country that comes to mind for family travel, but it should be. With its immaculate public facilities, welcoming staff at every turn, and attractions like Tokyo Disneyland, Japan is an incredibly baby-friendly destination perfect for creating those first family memories.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Japan

These three baby- and kid-friendly spots constantly attract families like a magnet. Discover why:

  1. Tokyo: Tokyo offers a plethora of family-friendly attractions, including KidZania, a child-centered play center where kids can engage in role-playing activities and experiences. Families visiting Tokyo can also explore Moomin Valley Park, an enchanting place that combines fun, stories, and nature, providing an immersive experience for kids and parents alike.
  2. Kyoto: Families in Kyoto can visit iconic spots like Senso-ji Temple and Meiji Jingu Shrine, offering cultural experiences for kids. The city also offers a serene setting for leisurely strolls to admire Japanese architecture and gardens.
  3. Nara: Nara is known for Nara Park, where families can interact with free-roaming deer. It’s a unique and memorable experience for kids. Todai-ji Temple in the park houses a colossal Buddha statue, offering an awe-inspiring cultural experience for all.

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Greece: Island Bliss

Greece is more than just a romantic getaway spot; it’s also surprisingly baby-friendly. The islands provide a laid-back vibe, with plenty of fresh local cuisine and gentle sea breezes. Resorts often offer childcare services, making it possible for parents to enjoy some downtime as well.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in Greece

Here are three awesome spots in Greece that are perfect for families with little ones. Check out why they’re worth a visit:

  1. Sani Club and Sani Beach: These spots are known for being family-friendly. Sani Club is great for families with young kids, offering kid-friendly amenities and activities. With serene sandy beaches, cosy dining options, and a welcoming atmosphere, Sani Club and Sani Beach are perfect for a family getaway.
  1. Naxos: Naxos is known for its paved sidewalks, calm beaches, and family-friendly restaurants, perfect for a family adventure. The island offers all you need for a great trip, with a serene atmosphere ideal for toddlers and kids.
  1. Crete: Crete is renowned for its stunning beaches, sheltered bays, and vast sandy stretches, making it a great family destination. The island offers a family-friendly environment with water sports, hiking, and cooking workshops for children of all ages.

Kid-Friendly Exploration in South Korea

With Seoul leading the way with its interactive museums, parks, and child-oriented programming at many historic sites, South Korea offers a blend of educational and entertainment value for the whole family.

Baby-friendly locations to explore in South Korea

Here are three family-friendly places to visit in South Korea with kids and why families should check them out:

  1. Children’s Grand Park, Seoul: The Children’s Grand Park in Gwangjin-hu, Seoul is a must-visit for families with kids. Since 1973, this park has offered a variety of family-friendly activities for children of all ages. With playgrounds, animal encounters, cultural experiences, and beautiful gardens, it’s a fun and educational place for kids.
  1. Lotte World, Seoul: The indoor amusement park and outdoor theme park offer a variety of rides, shows, and attractions suitable for babies, toddlers, and older kids. Families can enjoy thrilling rides, themed parades, and seasonal events, making it a perfect place for a day of fun and adventure for the entire family.
  1. Everland, Yongin: Located in Yongin, near Seoul, this popular amusement park offers a diverse range of attractions, including themed zones, thrilling rides, animal encounters at the zoo, and seasonal festivals.

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The Importance of Travel Insurance When Travelling with Kids

Securing comprehensive travel insurance that covers your entire family is a critical step in preparing for your trip. It’s essential to verify that the insurance includes medical care, support for lost items, and coverage for unforeseen circumstances. In the event of unexpected challenges while away from home, such as illness or lost belongings, having the right insurance can prove invaluable in providing peace of mind and necessary assistance.

Here are a few good options for travel insurance plans in Singapore, suitable for families with kids.


Core Benefits for Children


MSIG TravelEasy

Personal accident cover

Accidental death and total permanent disability

Child & above 70 years:


Family cover(total): S$400,000–$1,200,000

Public transport double cover

(Elite & Premier plans)

Child: S$150,000–S$200,000

Family cover (total): S$1.1 mil–S$2.4 mil

Medical & related benefits cover

Overseas medical expenses

Child: S$150,000–S$300,000

Family cover (total): S$800,000–S$2.6 mil

Emergency dental expenses

Child: S$1,250–S$3,750

Family cover (total): S$10,000-S$30,000

Medical expenses in Singapore 

Child: S$10,000–S$30,000

Family cover (total): S$70,000-S$210,000

*treatment within 72 hours of return to Singapore

Other coverages:

-TCM expenses

-Mobility aid disbursement

-Overseas hospitalisation daily benefit

-Child education grant (Elite & Premier plans)

-Child guard

-Travel postponement

-COVID-19 cover benefits

-Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

-Medical & travel assistance services

-Travel disruption

-Shortening your trip

-Overseas quarantine daily benefit

-Terrorism cover

-Passive war


With COVID-19 Coverage. Receive your policy documents immediately.

1 April - 30 April 2024
Single Trip Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
    Get Up to S$38 Rewards via PayNow and 40% discount when you buy NOW!
Annual Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
    Get Up to S$38 Rewards via PayNow and 20% discount when you buy NOW!

FWD Travel Insurance

Personal accident 

(under a family plan)

Child: S$60,000-S$120,000

Medical expenses incurred overseas 

(under a family plan)

Child: S$60,000–S$300,000

Medical expenses incurred in Singapore

(under a family plan)

Child: S$1,800–S$9,000

COVID-19 is not included (optional/ add on)

3 April 2024 - 21 April 2024
Single Trip Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
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Annual Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
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Great Eastern TravelSmart Premier

Personal accident

Accidental death & permanent disability

Adult under 70 years:

Child: S$30,000–S$100,000

Public transport double indemnity

Adult under 70 years: 



(Classic & Elite plans only)

Medical expenses while overseas

Adult under 70 years:


Child: S$60,000–S$300,000

Child education grant

S$2,000 per child up to S$8,000 (Classic) –

S$5,000 per child up to S$20,000 (Elite)

COVID-19 coverage extension 

Medical expenses while overseas

Adult under 70 years:


(Classic & Elite plans)

Not available

Singlife Travel Insurance

Personal accident

Accidental death, permanent disablement and burn benefit for Child and Adult Above 70 years old


Accidental death and permanent disability due to war for Child and Adult Above 70 years old


Double indemnity for death in public transport (Plus & Prestige plans only) for 

Child and Adult Above 70 years oldS$40,000-S$200,000

Child education benefit (Prestige plan only)

S$5,000 per year, up to 5 years

S$25,000 maximum limit

Child minder


With COVID-19 Coverage.

9 April - 19 April 2024
Single Trip Plan
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Annual Plan
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Tiq Travel Insurance

Non Pre-ex plans

Personal accident (accidental death & permanent disablement)

Child: S$50,000-S$200,000

Medical expenses incurred overseas

Child: S$75,000–S$250,000

Medical expenses incurred in Singapore 

Child: S$2,500 (Savvy), S$5,000 (Luxury)

Child(ren) guardian

S$2,500 (Savvy), S$5,000 (Luxury)

Act of terrorism cover

Child: S$50,000-S$100,000

Child education cover (add-on, optional)

S$3,000 per child, up to S$15,000

Extension of coverage for pre-existing conditions

Medical expenses incurred overseas 

Child: S$50,000–S$100,000

With COVID-19 Coverage.

8 April - 17 April 2024
Single Trip Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
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Annual Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
    Use promo code TIQPP to get Up to S$10 Rewards via PayNow and 60% discount off Covid-19 add on when you buy NOW!

Allianz Travel Insurance

Overseas medical coverage

69 years and below


COVID-19 overseas medical expenses

69 years and below


With COVID-19 Coverage.

1 April - 30 April 2024
Single Trip/ Annual Plan
  • Exclusive AMTD PolicyPal Group, T&Cs Apply
    Use promo code PPAZ to get Up to S$40 Rewards via PayNow and 43% discount when you buy NOW!

Starr TraveLead

Medical coverage

Below 18 years old


Follow-up medical treatment in Singapore

Below 18 years old


Accidental death & disablement

Arising within 12 months of an accident

Below 18 years old: S$60,000–S$120,000

COVID-19 overseas medical expenses


Additional Tips for Family Vacations

  • Consider travelling during off-peak seasons to avoid crowds and save money.
  • Involve children in the packing process to ensure they have items they enjoy for the trip.
  • Plan and budget for souvenirs or special treats during the vacation.
  • Take advantage of kid-friendly activities and attractions at your destination.
  • Allow for downtime and relaxation, especially if travelling with younger children.
  • Make sure everyone in the family has travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Encourage children to keep a journal or scrapbook to document their experiences.
  • Have a designated meeting spot and emergency plan in case anyone gets lost during the trip.
  • Prepare for different weather conditions and pack appropriate clothing and gear.
  • Discuss budgeting and spending expectations with older children to avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings.

With these tips, you can plan and enjoy a successful and stress-free family vacation. Remember to be flexible, stay safe, and make the most of this time together with your loved ones. With proper planning and preparation, you can have a fun and memorable trip without worries or setbacks. Happy travels!

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