BlueSG Car Review: Can You Save Money By Car-Sharing?


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We’re pretty sure you’ve seen them around, the large blue and red letters spelling out BlueSG plastered on the side of a rather cute looking car. 

While they were far and few between on the roads a couple of years ago, BlueSG cars are slightly more ubiquitous now, and they’ll more than likely grow as Singaporeans look for better ways to travel both economically and environmentally.

There perhaps isn’t a better time now to consider BlueSG as a transport option. Wallets are shrinking and luxuries like owning a car or even taking a Grab can be outside of budget for some. BlueSG gives you that option of travelling in comfort at a more affordable price.

What is BlueSG?

If you didn’t know already, these cars belong to BlueSG, Singapore’s first electric car-sharing service which has impressively reached one million rentals since its inception in December 2017. 

When BlueSG was first launched, there was only a small fleet of 80 “Bluecars” and just 30 charging stations in Singapore. As of now, BlueSG has grown to 1000 “Bluecars” and 500 charging stations.

What is BlueSG’s pricing like?

BlueSG operates on a subscription basis which charges you a fee for monthly access. 

The S$8/month Basic plan has no commitment and you can write in five days prior to the renewal date of the subscription to cancel. 

The S$18/month Premium plan, however, has a minimum commitment period of six months. The added benefit of the Premium plan is that it includes 40 minutes of free car usage a month.

On top of the monthly subscription, BlueSG car rates start from S$0.42/min. A monthly subscription and a per minute rate when you drive? That looks pretty steep at first glance, but it may not necessarily be so. 

Let’s compare the two BlueSG plans against taking Grab, assuming you use these services infrequently (just 4 x 15 minute rides a month).

Type of plan

BlueSG Basic

BlueSG Premium

Private Car Hire

Subscription fee


S$18 (includes 45 minutes free)


Rental costs

S$25.20 (60 minutes)

$6.30 (15 minutes)

S$40 (assuming S$10 per ride)

Monthly total cost




Where are BlueSG’s stations located?

There are over 500 BlueSG charging stations and parking lots located across the island. So you should be able to find your fair share of locations to your convenience. 

The only small downside is that each station comes with four lots which may be quite limited, especially as others reserve lots for themselves. Do note that you have to park at one of BlueSG’s designated lots and plug in to the station, otherwise your rental timing will continue to run!

What’s the BlueSG driving experience like?

Yes, the pricing may be slightly cheaper than a Grab ride and there are considerably a lot of charging stations and parking lots around Singapore, but how does the car actually feel? 

We took a BlueSG car out for a spin and here’s what we thought!

It was a smooth 20 minute ride from Queenstown to Tanjong Pagar, and it would have been a little quicker had we known exactly where the BlueSG lots were within the car park. With more usage, however, we’d expect that wouldn’t be much of a problem assuming you’d normally take the same routes and travel to the same locations. 

The car runs decently smooth considering the number of people that have used them. We’d suggest to always check the brakes and accelerator before moving off to make sure they are fine and working as well as get used to their individual pressures. 

The interior of the car is generally clean and there aren’t too many things to gripe about considering that it’s a car-sharing service. If you’re more particular about cleanliness, you can always bring disinfectant wipes to wipe down the surfaces before driving. 

For the most optimal and seamless BlueSG experience, we’d highly recommend reserving both a car and a parking lot before starting your journey. 

Everything you need is on the app. It was relatively easy navigating between the different tabs as well locating the various locations on their in-app map.

Some locations require a reservation fee, but it’s much more worth it compared to wasting time and money trying to find another car park. 

What if you get into a car accident while driving BlueSG?

As much as one can try to be safe on the roads, things can sometimes be outside of your control. 

Should an accident happen while you’re driving BlueSG, will you be insured? What happens when the car is damaged?

For one, BlueSG does provide insurance coverage up to the minimum amount required by the law per their Terms and Conditions. Do also note that there are excess fees and such fees differ based on the different age and driving experience of the members. 

If you do happen to get into a car accident, immediately call their Customer Relations Centre at +65 3163 7800. 

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