Here Are Six Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe When Cycling!


Are you one of the growing number of Singaporeans riding bicycles and using personal mobility devices (PMDs)? Many Singaporeans are using different types of bicycles such as electric scooters and foldable bicycles for commuting and leisure.

While cycling can be fun and make commuting to work much easier, growth in this mode of transportation has led to an increase in accidents involving bicycles and PMDs. As a result, a ruling in effect from 1 Jan 2022 requires cyclists to be in groups of no more than five cyclists in length.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep you and the people around you safe:

  1. Knowing where you can ride your bike or mobility device

    There are three paths in general, cycling paths, footpaths and roads. Power-Assisted Bicycles (PAB), Bicycle, Motorised and Non-Motorised Personal Mobility Device (PMD), and Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) are allowed on cycling paths. 

    Only Bicycles, PMAs and Non-Motorised PMDs are allowed on footpaths. Finally, cyclists and PAB riders are allowed to ride on roads (not including expressways and road tunnels).

  2. Observe the speed limits

    Cycling paths and park connectors have a speed limit of 25km/h, footpaths have a speed limit of 10km/h and users of roads will have to keep within the speed limit.

  3. Check your equipment before you ride

    Bicycle accidents aren’t always because of a careless or distracted rider. Sometimes, faulty equipment cause accidents. Checking your mobility devices will drop the risk of such accidents. You can:

    • Check your tires – Make sure it is properly inflated
    • Look at your lights – Lights and reflector should be in working condition
    • Test your gears – Chains and gears should be free from defects or cracks
    • Assess your batteries – Ensure that the batteries do not have any punctures or dents


  4. Personal protective equipment

    Cyclists should wear helmets and wear long sleeves with elbow padding (or wear elbow guards) to protect from falls. Cyclists should also choose bright or fluorescent-colored clothing to remain visible to traffic and pedestrians. You might have thought wearing a helmet is uncomfortable. It is not only mandatory here, but it reduces the risk of serious head injury. 

  5. Weather

    As Singapore is a tropical country, it is generally warm and humid all year round with some rain. You should check the weather forecast that day to prepare yourself for your ride. If it is bright and sunny, put on your protective clothing, like caps and sunglasses. These help protect your eyes from the sunlight so you can focus on the road. If the weather is wet, road conditions become slippery and visibility will reduce. Avoid puddles to reduce tractions and try to avoid cycling altogether if it’s a heavy downpour.

    As for night cycling, you can use lights so other people see you clearly.

Personal Mobility Insurance

It is strongly encouraged that non-commercial riders should purchase Personal Mobility Insurance. You will feel more at ease if you have protected yourself from expenses arising from accidents and third-party claims. 

Now you may ask -What is Personal Mobility Insurance?

What is Personal Mobility insurance? 

  1. Personal mobility insurance is meant to cover death or injuries resulting directly from accidents related to cycling/riding your bicycle or mobility devices.

  2. The plans usually have a larger 3rd party liability coverage than regular personal accident plans.

  3. They also provide additional optional coverage for your bicycles or personal mobility devices such as bicycle damage and theft.

What does Personal Mobility insurance cover? 

Personal accident (personal mobility) insurance covers a variety of accidents. The varying amounts of payouts depend on the seriousness or extent of the accident.

Here are some common types of accidents covered:

  1. Accidental death

    This is the accidental death or permanent disability suffered by the insured person due to an injury within 12 months from the accident date. The amount of benefit payable is subject to the compensation sum in the policy contract. 

  2. Medical expenses

    This applies if you sustain bodily injuries during the Period of Insurance while using/riding on a PMD or bicycle. This also involves needing medical treatment from a certified clinic or hospital.

  3. Personal Liability 

    This refers to the accidental death or bodily injury to the third party and/or causing loss or damage to property which does not belong to you, caused by you using/riding a PMD or bicycle.

  4. Optional cover

    Some personal mobility insurance also provides additional cover for the loss or theft of bicycles. If you damage your bicycle in an accident or through malicious intent, your insurance coverage could cover you here. It is also possible to make claims if someone steals your bike from your home.

Do I need personal mobility insurance for cycling?

If you frequently ride on a bicycle or other personal mobility device, there is a higher probability that you might get into an accident. Accidentally hitting someone with a bicycle can cause some serious injury. A nimble pedestrian may be able to avoid getting hit but there are many cases where the victims are not safe from harm.

How personal mobility insurance helps safeguard your bike and your money

The responsible thing to do is to get personal mobility insurance. Although it may not be compulsory, if you accidentally injure someone and if they want you to compensate them, you can breathe easily as you had a personal mobility plan.

A high-quality bicycle such as a Brompton can easily cost more than a few thousand dollars, hence, it makes sense for you to insure it just in case someone steals it from your home.

Bike theft happens more often than you would think. Some Personal Mobility plans do provide additional coverage for up to 3 of your bicycles, it would be a great idea especially if the costs of your bicycles are higher than average.

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