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Insuring Your Future with the Right Insurance Coverage

insurance coverage

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Young working adults in Singapore would agree that insurance is a necessity, but few have a good understanding of it.  The complexity of the topic intimidates people and its jargon confuses many people.  How many of us can actually understand terms such as “accelerated benefit” and “dread disease coverage?”

Still, one cannot afford to be ignorant about insurance.  Life is unpredictable and even the best plans go awry.  Insurance helps you to manage your risks and protect you.  When an accident happens, the potential loss you suffer is transferred to the insurance company you have taken the appropriate insurance policy from.

The aim of this article is not only to help you understand why insurance is important, but hopefully encourage you to take steps in insuring yourself.

Different types of insurance coverage

Some of us may have some experience with or heard of the use of insurance.  You may have filed a claim on your travel insurance plan after your baggage is lost after a flight, or your parents claiming some of the costs after an expensive visit to the doctor’s.

There are many types of insurance you can protect yourself with. For a start, we will focus on two essential ones: life insurance and medical expense insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance generally covers you when a terrible event happens, such as death, total permanent disability (TPD, which includes loss of limbs), or critical illness (such as cancer).  It can protect those dependent on your income – be it you, your significant other, your parents or your children so that life can go on, even if your income doesn’t.  It is never too early to get life insurance for yourself as premiums will increase as the years go by. Getting insured earlier means paying less in premiums in the long run.

Medical expense insurance

Medical expense insurance pays for medical expenses that can arise from any of the following medical treatments or procedures:

  • Day surgery
  • Consultations with specialists before, during, and after the hospital stay
  • X-rays and laboratory tests

Meanwhile, major medical expense insurance will pay for heavier hospital expenses due to major illnesses like cancer or major surgeries such as heart bypass and organ transplants.

Recommended insurance coverage

Now that you know which types of insurance you should get, another question arises: how much should you insure yourself for? People would usually look at the amount they need to sustain their expenditures. You should also project your future expenditures and consider the expenditures of those dependent on you.

To calculate these figures, CPF has good calculators that can offer you insights on how much you need insure yourself.

Monitoring your insurance policy

Now that you have purchased an insurance policy and have ample coverage, what’s next? You’ll want to make sure that your policies receive prompt payments, so you are always protected. You’ll also want to stay ahead of the game in insurance – meaning, you need to make sure your policies are up-to-date. When you buy new policies or get new corporate policies, you want to make sure that you are paying as little overlap as possible.


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